• June 21, 2024

Pearl River Resort in Mississippi opens bingo hall today as part of $70m upgrade

The Pearl River Resort near Philadelphia, Mississippi reopened their Golden Moon Casino, just across the highway from Silver Star Casino in February after a six year hiatus. The opening was part of a $70 million makeover at the sprawling casino resort. Today, they opened a new bingo hall, the only one available at a casino in the state.

Now players can pit their bingo skills against each other and participate in progressive jackpots with other bingo sites across the state. “This is something that the customers have asked for and we want to make sure we stay competitive with others. We listen to what our customers say and we’re hoping that bingo will get big here,” Chief Anderson of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians told local media.

The tribe is lo…

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Top 7 Career Tips for the Unemployed Looking for Work

Alright. I concede that the title may be a piece confounding – why on earth could you need to put yourself out of a task? What sort of “profession tip” is that? As a matter of fact, it is one I accept unequivocally in, and when I think back over my own vocation I understand that this was essentially my methodology all through my entire working life in the corporate world… allow me to make sense of…

The manner in which I am normally wired, I like a ton of progress, I like to take care of genuine issues, and I like new difficulties. Truth be told, the more troublesome and complex the errand, the more I float towards it. In my initial days – in light of the fact that I didn’t have the foggiest idea about any better – my hand generally s…

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